After a long break i decided to start a new blog. I was using wordpress before but i wanted to try something new this time. After thinking about it for a while i decided to write my own system.

At first i thought it would have been interesting to write it using nodejs, so i started my preparations. At the suggestion of a friend i chose mongodb as my database system. While looking for a place to learn mongodb i found firms own website MongoDB University. They are periodically givinig Udacity like lessons.

Things started to get in shape after a period spent on learning and experimenting on Nodejs, Expressjs, mongoDB but with the start of my midterm exams i took a break on the project. After 2 weeks spent on exams, deadline of some of the projects releated to classes neared so i stopped working on blog. With classes, projects and end-term exams semester come to an end.

With the starting of a new semester also started new classes and new projects. I learned some of my friend had to develop some of their projects on laravel. Using this as an excuse i started developing a simple blog with them. I had some hard time while trying to learn Expressjs, but with the experience i got from it learning laravel was pretty simple.

I wanted the system i would use to have multilingual support. I started to reshape the blog i wrote with laravel to have multilingual support but i thought it wouldnt worth it after giving it some work at restructring all the ui to use laravels language system. So i stopped working on it.

After seeing a blog i read stoped using wordpress and switched to static blog engine, i wanted to give it a shot too. Therefore a new blogging adventure begins...

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